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Mepco specialises in offering organisations and individuals a complete recruitment and immigration services with competitive fees. We can assist with all your recruitment needs whether it is overseas or in-country. We offer a speedy service and workers can usually be with you within a few weeks. We are reliable and have many satisfied employers across the United Kingdom.

A radical overhaul of the UK immigration system in 2008 has seen the introduction of a five-tier points-based system. The most significant aspect of these changes has been the abolition of the work permit system and its replacement with ‘Tier 2’, which covers ‘skilled workers’, under which an employer must be registered as a sponsor with the UK Border Agency and a migrant must be sponsored by that employer before they come to work in the UK

As immigration practitioners we are well versed with the new Points Based System, Employer Licensing and we can provide recommendations, solutions and a fully representative service for personal or business moves to the UK.

Therefore whether you are seeking a work opportunity or requiring skilled professionals to fill a vacancy, we can assist you.

Sourcing for Skills Internationally

Mepco can offer recruitment and immigration advice and services to employers who are seeking to maintain or diversify their workforce by recruiting persons from overseas in line with United Kingdom Border Agency (UKBA) guidance and compliance. We can introduce you to potential employees who are seeking full-time work and work placement opportunities.

Mepco can also assist you with United Kingdom Border Agency (UKBA) requirements such as the Tier 2 sponsorship application process and evidencing the monitoring of migrant employees once you have secured a sponsorship licence.

Our specialist consultants are always happy to assist you with any enquiry. Wherever you are in England, Scotland or Wales, a personal visit to your organisation can be made to discuss your recruitment needs.

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